Fruit, citrus fruits & Vegetables Disinfectant


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-         A cleaning solution for fruit disinfecting

-         Fungicide with food & medicinal grade according to world existing standards

-         For fruit-post-harvest treatment that leads to killing the fungi causing rote & decay in stored fruit.

-         Increased fruit durability by minimizing fruit injuries

-         For each fruit, a special disinfectant is provided available on the labels & brochures related to fruit.

Address: تکراري

Pooshesh Fruit coatings Guide For Applying Citrus Fruits Coatings

6- Wax relative drying-let the wax on fruit dry partially (if keeping apple for a longer time, it's better to let the wax not dry completely & leave them partially wet)

7- Packing: now put the luminant & polished fruit in the box. Disinfecting palettes & boxes by ABM disinfectant.

8- Disinfecting warehouse before fruit entrance, before disinfecting, in order to raise efficiency, the following actions can be taken:

Thorough cleaning of the storage-completely washing the different surfaces of the storage with warm water-thoroughly drying the surfaces.

-         Disinfecting Fruit keeping storage halls by ABM disinfectant (solutions degree usage for every liter substance 10 liter water 10/1)

ABF Disinfectant Advantages

1-    Not leaving any negative effects on fruit, food stuff & metal surfaces

2-    Low currency period (دوره کارشن)

-         All surfaces drying

-         Transferring boxes to storage

9- Storing fruit: storing can happen in various

A: In cool chamber (سردخانه)

B: In storages with normal temperature storage temperature, humidity & air circulation can influence wax layer quality & as a result waxed fruit quality.

In both methods, it's critical to create air circulation & in case the air circulation is inadequate, fruit suffers from asphyxia and rotting.


·        Coating concentration & composition has been prepared in such a manner that is ready to be applied on fruit. Adding other substances can decrease coating performance.

·        For the fruit due to be sent to market after being picked, it's just necessary to apply the polishing wax in one of the 3 methods mentioned in stage 5.

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