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What is fruit coating?

Fruit coating Technology Pooshesh Hayate Sabz Company
Would you prefer fruit with longer life span or a more appealing appearance?
Coating increases your products added value in domestic sale & rise exports.

What is fruit coating?

Since 80-90% most fruit consist of water, nature protects fruit by a natural wax layer to preserve their humidity.

To keep fruit, washing dirt resulting from fruit staying on tree is necessary but during washing process, fruits natural coating is removed & fruit lose their water quickly.

Because fruit breathe even after being picked, that is, they take in air oxygen & excrete CO2 & ethylene that the absorbed oxygen converts fruit inner sugars into acids & alcohols & makes fruit sour & spoiled. Using coating liquid to keep fruit for a longer time is critical.

Why fruit coating is used?

Coating liquid reduced its breath to an ordinary limit by creating a polymeric layer on fruit water evaporation. This keeps fruit fresh by preserving the initial compounds, and by creating a space surrounded & the modified internal atmosphere around the fruit, it blocks micro organisms attacks.

Is this coating harmless?

Coating is a harmless liquid extracted from natural substance like plant-based oils and it is cleaned through washing with normal water & it doesnt create a problem if its worn.

Advantages Behind coating use

-   Coating prolongs fruit freshness & durability.

-   Coating makes fruit look shining & more appealing & increases sale potential.

-   Coating blocks micro organisms attacks & fungus growth.

-   Coating regulates fruit breath.

-   Coating reduces fruit physical darkness and losses

-   Coating can substitute paper, plastic & vacuum packaging.

-   Coating prevents fruit drying & shrinking by maintaining its humidity.

-   Coating is made up of food stuff & non-toxic permit

Product Types:

-   Regular coating: it prolongs fruit life span.

-   Polishing coating: Besides increasing durability, it makes fruit luminous & shining.

-   These products have various instructions with different codes for citrusfruit, apple, pomegranate, kiwi, summer fruits &…

Usage manner:

-   Immersing: in this methodd, fruit have to be immersed in a pool of coating liquid.

-   Spraying in this procedure, spraying devices like sprayer, nozzled & etc can be used to spray fruit with the coating liquid.

Brushing: this process is more for those who use sorting device.

Usage amount:

- regarding that coating rests on fruit as a thin & invisible layer. A kilo coating liquid covers at least 700-1000 kg fruit. Storage period:

-  in case the coating liquid doesnt get freezed, it can be kept at least for 3 years after production.

Fruit Wax Quality InFluential Factors:

-   Pre-waxing fruit Quality

-   Pre-waxing fruit preparation -including washing, cleaning, drying &

-   Wax type

-   Wax specifications & quality -the other paricles, viscosity, moistruzing power & …-

-   Wax use manner -including wax amount being used, brush speed & shape & spraying manner-

-   Fruit drying -time, temperature,  woisture  & light-

-   Pooshesh company. Pilot, its quality control laboratories , research & development unit located in Iran polymer & petro chemistry research center by using a 4000 s.q.m laboratory & Iran polymer & petro chemistry research center workshops & research background in Iran industrial-scientific research organization.

Do you know … ?

Fruit production amount is around 30 milion tons annually that around 10 milion tons ruined due to unapproprite maintenance. By benefitting from coating liquid, its possible to economize almost 0% on it.

Pooshesh research & Development unit is studying and analyzing in line with expanding its products on various fruit, foodstuff, seed & flower & welcome honored customers comments.